Contents of the Site Template

Governance plan wiki
One of the most important pieces on your Governance site is your Governance plan. This could be a document, but a SharePoint wiki is so much more powerful. Break down your information into pages and link them together. Have “mail-to” links to employees and add links to lists. A structure is already created.

Knowledge base
A knowledge base is very important to help your users and support department to find answers to questions. You can use a wiki for this, or a list (based on a question-answer principle). Give your support people write access on the list or wiki to make sure all questions are handled and documented.

Site list
A site list is very useful. It can display the link to the site, the template used, the site owner and other relevant information.

A list with users that have extensive knowledge about SharePoint is a very handy feature as well. When users have questions or feedback, they will know who to contact. Add the roles and responsabilities as well, together with a handsome picture!

Other Governance documents
Other Governance documents can be put here as well:

- meeting minutes of your governance board

- technical SLA from your IT department

- reports from your environment

These documents don’t have to be accessable for everyone. It could well be that only your board members could see and edit these documents.

Training is perhaps the most important job in having a good and reliable platform. Have your training documents here, link to movies online, exams,… Add a link for users to request coaching or a training. Don’t reinvent the wheel, use the SharePoint Productivity hub.

Support center
Together with your knowledge base, this is the place to be if your users have questions. A ticketing system or task list can handle user requests and questions.

What is on my Homepage?

Every site needs a homepage. This is the place where navigation is very important: not too many links, nor too few. Add a webpart with some quick action links:

- how can I request a site ?

- I have a problem, who do I need to contact ?

- Link to the governance plan

- Link to end-user training documents

- …

Next to these links, add your contacts and the documents that have changed recently.

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